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Welcome to the Darbhanga International Film Festival (Darbhanga IFF), an annual cinematic celebration that shines a spotlight on the heart of Bihar, India. Since its inception in 2013, Darbhanga IFF has been a beacon of creativity, fostering the growth of cinema, film, art, and culture in the region.

A Cultural Extravaganza in Bihar's Cultural Capital - Set in the culturally rich city of Darbhanga, Bihar's cultural capital, Darbhanga IFF is a testament to the city's artistic heritage and global significance. With a legacy deeply intertwined with art, culture, and history, Darbhanga welcomes filmmakers and artists from every corner of the world to share in its vibrant spirit.



Embracing Tradition and Innovation - Darbhanga is a city of dualities, seamlessly blending the past and the present. Renowned for its exquisite Mithila/Madhubani Paintings, the city reverberates with the echoes of its historical past, adorned with the remnants of the illustrious "DARBHANGA KINGDOM." As the city embraces modernity, it remains grounded in its cultural roots, offering a unique backdrop for the convergence of cinematic excellence.

Gateway to Creativity - Originally known as "Dar-E-Bangal," a Persian term signifying "Gateway To Bengal," Darbhanga has evolved over time, transforming into the contemporary hub it is today. Darbhanga IFF serves as a gateway to boundless creativity, encouraging filmmakers and artists to explore new horizons while honoring the city's legacy.

DBG Film Club: Pioneering Creativity - At the heart of Darbhanga IFF is the DBG Film Club (Darbhanga Film Club), the pioneering force behind this cinematic celebration. Founded in 2013 by Meraj Siddiqui, a visionary filmmaker, animation, and VFX artist, DBG Film Club stands as Bihar's first-ever film club. With a vision to nurture artistic talent, the club has taken the lead in cultivating the cinematic landscape of the region.



Uniting Nations Through Cinema - Darbhanga IFF transcends borders, fostering a global community of filmmakers, artists, and cinephiles. Every year, the festival becomes a melting pot of diverse perspectives, cultures, and narratives. Filmmakers and artists from every corner of India and the world converge in Darbhanga to share their stories, exchange ideas, and celebrate the universal language of cinema.

Join Us - Embark on a cinematic journey that transcends time and space. Darbhanga IFF invites you to be a part of a cultural renaissance, where creativity knows no bounds. Whether you're a filmmaker, an artist, a film enthusiast, or simply someone who values the magic of storytelling, Darbhanga IFF welcomes you with open arms.

Join us in celebrating the power of cinema, the allure of culture, and the spirit of Darbhanga – a city that stands as a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation.

Welcome to Darbhanga IFF – Where Creativity Finds Its Canvas.

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Founder & Festival Director

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Festival Coordinator



Festival Curator & Member Of

Advisory Board

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Assistant Festival Coordinator


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